Your Fitness Skincare Routine 

Elevate Your Pre and Post Workout Rituals with ESPA 

Refresh and recharge your mind pre and post workout routines with ESPA’s Fitness collection. With stimulating aromatics and rich hydration, this range will inspire your workout. Look forward to post-workout bliss as you unwind and recharge with ESPA.  

Soothe and revive the mind, body, and spirit with our Fitness range, elevated by luxurious natural ingredients and rich textures. Unwind from your daily workout with our powerful aromatherapy blend featuring refreshing Eucalyptus, calming Rosemary, soothing Lavender, and warming Clove. 

The Fitness range is the perfect addition to your everyday workout process that nourishes tired muscles, sore bodies, and mellow minds. Perfect for anyone who enjoys holistic nourishment and revival.  

Your Post Work-Out Bathing Ritual Begins Here. 

ESPA fitness range of bath salts, bath oil, shower oil and muscle balm

Bath Products for Aching Muscles 

Bathe in ESPA’s luxurious naturals.  

Everyone’s favourite indulgence for the skin and the senses. Our expertly crafted Fitness bath range brings you the perfect balance of nourishment, relaxation, and vibrance for holistic harmony.  


Fitness Bath & Body Oil 

Relieve your tired mind and body with this hydrating and aromatic oil – enriched with Rosemary and Peppermint for post work-out bliss.  

Pour our rich oil into your bath and feel the Rosemary, Peppermint, and Lavender essential oils caress your skin. This nourishing aromatic oil will calm the body and mind as you exhale after a long day of activity, whilst Sweet Almond Oil hydrates and soothes muscular strain.  

Surrounded by fragrant steam, and with newly supple skin, step out of the bath and massage the oil directly onto your body with Coconut and Avocado quenching fatigued skin. Sleep soundly or face the day with fervor. 

Fitness Bath Salts 

Recharge after a strenuous workout with these invigorating and aromatic bathing crystals. 

Reward your body after a strenuous work-out with ESPA’s Fitness bath salts. These crystals harness the natural power of Deep Sea Magnesium and Dead Sea Salt.  

As you immerse yourself in the warm water, remineralising Seaweed and skin smoothing Oatmeal work alongside the naturally caring Arnica and Comfrey to restore the body, mind, and skin. 

Whether you are sinking into a restorative bath after yoga, an intense run, or just desire a pick-me-up, ESPA’s Fitness Bath Salts are a pivotal step in your Fitness regimen for holistic harmony. 

Fitness Bodycare that Nourishes and Revives 

Step into a warm cloud of restoration each time you take a shower. Not just a daily step in your routine, but an experience to appreciate and revel in. The Fitness range elevates your shower  routine to your moment of reflection, peace, and gratitude.  

Fitness Shower Gel 

An invigorating Shower Gel that refreshes and recharges the body and mind post-workout. 

Refresh with ESPA’s Fitness Shower gel. Step into the shower’s steam and feel the warm water on your skin. Inhale zingy Peppermint, spiced Clove Bud, and fresh Eucalyptus. Clean, revived skin awaits. 

This coconut derived cleanser is gentle yet highly effective — featuring soothing English Lavender, and aromatic Rosemary Oil. Lather, foam, and exhale. Wash away exhaustion and refresh with fine fragrance. 

Fitness Shower Oil 

A hydrating, creamy shower oil enriched with Coconut that holistically nourishes with invigorating Eucalyptus and Clove. 


ESPA’s Fitness Shower Oil is bursting with botanical Eucalyptus and Clove. This oil to cream formula leaves skin luxuriously moisturized. Ideal for a post work-out wind-down, or a morning awakening rinse, this oil is your nourishing companion no matter what your routine.  

Coconut butter, Olive Oil, and Soybean Oil quench skin — rich in texture ideal for shaving. Our Fitness fragrance blend suspends in the air while you cleanse, but also remains post-shower for supported wellbeing even in slumber. 

Soothe Muscles After Your Workout 

Muscle Rescue Balm 

Soothe fatigued, sore muscles with this cooling rescue balm enriched with naturally powerful peppermint, clove, and eucalyptus. 

This super-balm rescues you from strain and exhaustion. Weary from the gym? Sore from stretching? This cooling rescue balm is powered is the perfect antidote to bring you instant relief.  

Hard-working bodies are soothed and restored with hydrating Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil. Tired muscles are revived with powerful Peppermint and antibacterial Eucalyptus. This zingy balm will preserve soothed skin or works as the perfect on-the-go saviour. 

This multi-use Muscle Rescue Balm is a miracle blend that is great for tense minds, headaches, clearing the mind, refocusing, and more. Apply to sore, stretched muscles and more for concentrated nourishment and relief for the body and mind. Our beloved Fitness aromatherapy blend enriches this formula, as calming and refreshing aromatics soothe the mind and help ground you. 

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