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Take a digital detox

Whether home or away, making small opportunities to welcome natural light will aid
significant improvements in restoring your body’s natural balance.

Nicola Baillie, ESPA Senior Trainer

A little less reliance on your cell phone and a little more embracing the natural light around you will reap rewards for your wellbeing, helping balance mind and body. Read Nicola’s  four simple daily switches:


    When you wake, don’t instantly look at your cell phone. Instead, open your curtains, observe the weather, open a window and breathe in the air. Choose an old-fashioned alarm clock to begin your day, avoiding the digital alternative, with blue light disturbing the room’s darkness overnight.


    Though we lead busy lives, aim to spend 20-30 minutes of your lunch break outside. Appreciate the light on your skin and the fresh air in your lungs. Don’t let the prospect of sun damage put you off bathing your skin in sunlight, simply remember to wear sunscreen to protect the skin.


    Whenever you find yourself outdoors, be more mindful. Take in what is around you, allowing light to enter your eyes, rather than looking at your cell phone and the artificial light it emits.


    Try not to let a screen be the last thing you look at before you sleep. Stop using your devices two hours or so before bed, or better still, remove them from the bedroom altogether. Lie quietly and bring your attention to your breath. Let your eyes observe the room’s natural darkness, helping your circadian rhythm to work naturally.

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