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June Spa of the Month | Sojo Spa Club, New York

SoJo Spa Club offers an unparalleled wellness experience — a re-imagined Korean bath house, bringing spa cultures and treatments from around the world under one roof.

2021-06-03 08:26:26 By


The Active Nutrients Collection

Naturally powerful, glow-giving formulas for ultimate skin confidence 

2021-02-16 13:02:26By


Flow Yoga Class

During a Flow Yoga session, you would move dynamically from one posture immediately into another, following the breath. This continuous flow of movement and breath generates a meditative state, encouraging you to let go of thought and focus on experience of the present moment.

2021-04-14 08:49:01By


Active Nutrients Routine

Discover the perfect step-by-step routine using the new Active Nutrients collection to help you achieve radiant skin.

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