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Everyone’s skin is unique and should therefore have an equally unique skincare routine. Finding the right set of products for your skin type though, isn’t always easy. To help guide you through a regimen minefield, our experts have put together their guide so you can understand your skin a whole lot better.

Dry and Dehydrated

As a general rule dry and dehydrated skin should always opt for richer, more nourishing balms, creams and lotions. However, on the contrary to popular belief, a gentle exfoliator like Refining Skin Polish will smooth flaky or uneven areas of skin while encouraging new cell turnover. Plus the addition of Shea Butter will help soften to create a beautifully revitalised complexion.

A skin quenching face treatment oil such as Replenishing Face Treatment Oil, applied under moisturiser, will also leave skin smooth, supple and deeply hydrated.


The one mistake many people with normal complexions make, is forgetting to use a moisturiser. After all, their skin looks and feels great all the time, but even normal skin (with no imperfections) needs looking after.

Moisturisers help protect the skin from environmental damage, strengthen its natural moisture barrier and delay the early signs of ageing. For normal skin helping to maintain an even keel, Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser is ideal. Lightweight, its responsive formula delivers moisture only where it’s needed, helping balance the complexion through each and every season.

Oily and Combination

Oily and combination skins have a far trickier time as they have to juggle both dryness and oiliness.

Here, the emphasis is on removing excess oil and purifying pores – making light serums, lotions and milks best. Choosing something soap free like our Balancing Foam Cleanser, a richly foaming face wash, will deeply cleanse and ease congestion while helping to balance natural oils.

However a good treatment mask goes a long way in helping to balance the complexion. For this, the Essential Cleansing Mask is perfect as its mineral-rich Kaolin Clay helps clear excess oil and congestion, while Rose Damascena soothes and nourishes areas of dryness.


For sensitive skin, cleansers are your best friend. Helping to gently calm, soothe, nourish and prepare the skin, light lotions or balms should be opted for. A good cleanser will ensure your skin is less irritated or prone to reaction, and more likely to behave in the right way.

For example our beautifully light and mild Hydrating Cleansing Milk is formulated with Marshmallow and Chamomile to softly remove impurities, while comforting and hydrating – creating a calm base ready to face the day.

Dull Skin

Whether it’s a busy lifestyle, lack of sleep, poor diet or the effect of cold, damp weather, even the most well-balanced skin can sometimes appear dull. Making sure you drink enough water, exfoliate regularly and moisturise will go a long way in helping this, however a good dose of Vitamin C will also aid a radiant glow.

Choosing a serum rich in Vitamin C like our Skin Radiance Intensive Serum will powerfully revive tired complexions, brighten and invigorate and boost collagen production, as well as minimise the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Mature Skin

From age 35 our skin starts to loose tone and elasticity, however, far from making skin look younger, caring for mature complexions is about helping skin act more youthfully.

With drier, finer skin lacking collagen and luminosity, a good cleansing routine and intense moisture through the night will boost the skin at a time where the body is naturally repairing cells.

A way to aid the renewal process further is to use an overnight treatment such as Overnight Hydration Therapy. Deeply nourishing and hydrating , this night time treatment mask is packed with plant and marine actives, essential oils, antioxidant rich Vitamin C, and is designed to work hard overnight in order for you to wake to plump, smooth and supple skin.

We hope you’ve found this guide helpful, however if you’d like to get to know your skin better and would like tailored advice, our ESPA therapists – whether in spa or salon, will be happy to provide you with a personal skincare consultation.

Alternatively, uncover your skin’s unique characteristics with our online consultation Skin Experttool.

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