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Detox, Naturally

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy – especially when our not-so-great lifestyle choices eventually catch up on us. Low energy, recurrent colds or infections, dull skin and puffy eyes are dead giveaways of the need to wipe the slate clean.

Making a few simple lifestyle changes can make a big difference, helping you detox inside and out. We know what works and what doesn’t, and are here to help you get back on track to looking and feeling so much better.

Brush Off

Ask ESPA experts the single ritual they’d never skip and it’s always body brushing. Quick and easy, all you need is a firm brush (our Skin Brush uses brisk cactus bristles) and 30 seconds a day – just 30 seconds a day before you get in the shower or bath. Always use a dry brush and make short, sharp strokes towards the heart.

Brushing sweeps away any dull skin cells to reveal fresher, brighter skin beneath, and stimulates circulation too.

For enhanced results, follow your skin brush with a salt scrub, then shower or bath before massaging Detoxifying Body Oil into skin.

Just add Salts

One of our top tips for maximising the benefits of any essential oil, but especially when detoxing, is to add Epsom Salts to your bath. Not only does it help soften skin and have proven healing powers, but the minerals draw the oils (and their benefits) even deeper into skin for optimal results.

Eat your Greens

That childhood advice is some of the best we’ll ever receive. The liver processes nasties into waste and greens are a key supporter of liver function.

Dark green leafy veg and herbs – think kale, cabbage, spinach, Brussels sprouts, watercress, rocket, parsley, coriander and basil, all do the job.

Support them with nuts, seeds and lean, high protein foods such as eggs, organic poultry, fish and seafood.

Magic Magnesium

Friend of the liver, magnesium is known as the master mineral as it facilitates over 300 reactions in the body, many of them in the liver. A balanced diet should feature magnesium in every meal.

Try foods including dark chocolate, dark green leafy veg, nuts, seeds, pulses (such as lentils and chickpeas), avocado and seafood.


As deficiency is common, Vitamin A also supports liver function. To up your levels we recommend free range eggs and organic liver, live yoghurt, aged cheeses and grass-fed butter.

Ritualise your Detox

Our collection of detoxifying products work to make good habits feel wonderful with the most potent natural ingredients chosen to stimulate the senses.

Deeply cleansing and purifying invest in your total wellbeing and enhance the cumulative power of Detoxifying Body OilDetoxifying Bath OilDetoxifying Seaweed BathDetoxifying Salt Scrub, and of course, Skin Brush.

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