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How-to: Exfoliate with a Salt Scrub

Exfoliating your body with mineral rich sea salts is a fantastic way to gently exfoliate, replenish and clarify your skin. A real awakening, like all exfoliation, sea salt scrubs sweep dead cells away and boost circulation to reveal fresher, clearer looking skin.

To learn how to use one effectively, follow our salt scrub ritual by first selecting one of our InvigoratingDetoxifying or Relaxing Salt Scrubs to suit your mood and begin as follows:

Before you start

Stood in the shower or bath, apply to damp skin focusing on patches of excess dry skin, making sure to avoid broken or damaged areas.

Before each of the following steps, scoop a palm full of salt scrub and cup to warm and release the aroma. Apply the product in sweeping movements towards the heart to encourage lymph drainage and then work in gentle upward circular movements over each area.

1. Legs

Standing, place hands flat on top of the foot and, in one smooth movement, apply the scrub up the entire front of the leg to the top of your hip, over the bottom, then down the back of the leg working into the heel.

Work back up the leg with circular movements and repeat to the other leg.

2. Stomach and Back


Apply the scrub with the opposite hand sweeping from one side of the stomach to the other, then repeat with the other hand.

Using light circular movements massage in the direction of the colon from the lower right hand side of the stomach, up under the ribs and down the opposite side.


Taking more product, sweep up the back from your bottom towards your shoulders, as far as you can comfortably reach.
Then work in upward circular movements and repeat to the opposite side.

3. Shoulders, Bust and Arms


Apply product by sweeping down the back of your neck and across your shoulder blade. Work the product in and repeat to the opposite side.


Starting at the base of your underarm smooth product around the breast in a circular movement back towards the underarm several times and repeat to the other breast.


Sweep product across the chest and down the opposite arm to the hand. With small circular movements work back upwards finishing at the underarm.

Repeat to the other arm.

4. Rinse and Finish

Rinse off thoroughly in the shower or soak away in the bath to leave skin soft and smooth.

Pat dry and apply your chosen ESPA body oil while skin is still slightly damp.

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