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What are Sensory Products?

At the heart of ESPA is the Ayurveda philosophy that your body is attracted to what it needs. Creating products to tap into this, our Sensory products use your sense of smell to choose what’s most appropriate for you whether in spa, salon or at home.

Determining what your body needs over what you think it needs, our sensory range consists of:

  • Spafresh
  • Face Oils
  • Body Oils

Changing day-to-day even hour-by-hour, if something smells nice to you, it’s probably because your body is craving it.

If you prefer the smell of Hydrating Floral Spafresh over Balancing Herbal Spafresh for instance, and you have oily and combination skin – it could well be you have areas of dehydration that need to be addressed instead of oils to be balanced.

However, seasonal need and if you travel a lot also play a part in what your body is asking for.

To determine what products to use, at consultation, our ESPA experts will select two appropriate products depending on the treatment you’re having, skin type, skin concerns, body concerns and how you want to feel that day.

Without telling you which is which, Sensory products are tested in the following ways:

  • Spafresh – on two cotton wool pads and presented separately for you to smell
  • Face oils – on the back of each hand for you to smell
  • Body oils – on the forearms for you to smell

Once you’ve smelled each in succession, you’ll be asked to pick the one you prefer the smell of.

Consultations are performed in this way so you won’t know what product you smell and therefore won’t be able to make a mental decision before the treatment has begun – ensuring your choice is a physical one.

Helping to tailor your skin and body care routine uniquely to you, you can carry this on at home depending on what your body needs each day, each month or each season.

To find out what Sensory products you should be using, book a consultation at an ESPA salon or spa near you. Search your area with our ESPA Finder.

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