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Skincare in your 40’s

By your 40’s you should have your skincare routine down to a fine art – cleansing, exfoliating, toning, treating and moisturising. Knowing your skin well, any skin concern hangovers from your 20’s and 30’s should have subsided, being instead replaced with an increase in dryness, dullness and fine lines becoming deeper.

However, here to help you maintain the radiance of your formative years, keep the visible signs of ageing at bay with our tips on how to achieve an enviable complexion in your 40’s.

Upgrade your Cleanse

Using more multitasking products in your 20’s and 30’s for speed, now is the time to spend a little longer on your cleanse. With skin starting to need more hydration, look to change formulations from foam or gel washes to a balm. Nourishing Cleansing Balm is ideal for maturing and stressed skin and deeply nourishes and smooths as it cleans.

Add a Mask

Intensify your night time routine 1 – 2 times a week with a specific mask to address your concerns or including a hydrating boost with Overnight Hydration Therapy.

Aiding your skin as it repairs itself overnight, apply your favourite ESPA face treatment oil or serum first to penetrate through to the deepest layers of your skin for the ultimate radiance boost.

For something a little different or if you find your skin irritated and uncomfortable, add a little facial oil to Skin Rescue Balm and leave overnight for a calm, soothed and luminous complexion when you wake.

Focus on your Eyes

Giving away so much more than just a restless sleep, eyes will now need careful attention.

Although tired, puffy eyes, fine lines and dark circles can all be aided by drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep, in your 40’s you can help this delicate area along the way with Soothing Eye Lotion to soothe puffiness. You should also start using an eye serum like Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum alongside your eye moisturiser to keep the delicate area as hydrated as possible.

Change your Moisturiser

Although the thought of being without your favourite moisturiser may fill you with dread, evaluate the one you’re currently using – assessing if it’s still performing in the way you want it to.

With collagen beginning to dip switch to a richer cream like Regenerating Moisture Complexto tone, firm and smooth fine life. Add Tri-Active™ Advanced Instant Facial into your routine too, morning and night for a more replenished, brighter looking complexion.

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