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Best Routine for Oily Combination Skin

Best Routine for Oily Combination Skin
Caro Dooling
Writer and expert7 years ago
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Within your DNA, skin type is defined from birth and can’t be changed. Managing resulting skin conditions however can be changed, and for that we’re here to help.

Unpredictable, oily and combination skin can be a tough skin type to care for – with its oily T-Zone, large open pores, dehydrated cheeks and eyes, and sensitivity to certain products.

Making your days more predictable, we’ve devised a skincare routine to help aid you to calmer, clearer, more even skin you can rely on.


Gently removing excess oil and purifying pores is of the utmost importance, therefore choosing a cleansing milk such as our Hydrating Cleansing Milk or soap-free Balancing Foam Cleanser, will work deeply into your pores, easing congestion and helping to balance natural oils.

Following with a gentle astringent toner to refine and clarify pores – Balancing Herbal Spafresh will provide the ultimate base for your serum, oil or moisturiser to penetrate.


A combination must, once to twice a week be sure to use a mask to balance the complexion. Leaving a mask like the Essential Cleansing Mask for 20 minutes on the face, neck and décolleté will clear excess oil and congestion and soothe and nourish areas of dryness.

Multimasking too will help you pinpoint troublesome areas and use corresponding masks to help tackle each skin condition. Such as the Essential Cleansing Mask to the T-Zone and Overnight Hydration Therapy to cheeks for a smooth and even complexion.


Although you may not feel you need it, a light moisturiser will help balance natural oils while also hydrating and soothing. The 24 Hour Balancing Moisturiser is great for congested skin types with its Lavender, Chamomile and Irish Moss to help protect, moisturise, comfort and clear skin.

Alternatively, the Optimal Skin ProMoisturiser adapts to skin’s individual needs – hydrating and controlling oil where you need it throughout the day.

However, help fool oil production by using a face treatment oil. With some oily and combination skincare being quite harsh, skin can often go from too oily to too dry and back again resulting in an oil snowball effect. Using the Balancing Face Treatment Oil will perform wonders for this and leave you looking radiant – not shiny, and calm those tired, overworked sebaceous glands.


For the times where your skin has just had enough and erupts into one almighty breakout, tea tree is your friend. Instead of picking, popping and covering up with concealer, treat your skin kindly.

With a calming gel to clear blemishes, apply Purifying Tea Tree Gel whenever you feel the need. Reducing inflammation and redness, and speeding up healing time, keep calm and you’ll be back to looking and feeling great in no time.

Remember, oil is good when you manage it in the right way, so be nice. Be gentle too. Fight the urge to strip your skin and you’ll have more days you can rely on.

Caro Dooling
Writer and expert
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