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Boost your Immune System

Whatever the time of year, we can all do with a little boost every now and then to ward off those unwelcome germs.

One of our sensory products (as you’ll only like the smell when you need it), the Resistance Bath and Body Oil range are ideal to revive and enhance natural defences, and relive symptoms when ill or under the weather – helping to speed up recovery time.

Featuring two of nature’s healers Tea Tree and Eucalyptus, Resistance is the ultimate immunity tool kit to strengthen body and mind.

Guarding against harmful bacteria that can weaken our defenses, adding two to three caps of Resistance Bath Oil to a hot bath acts as a steam to decongest while also easing aches and pains.

Either follow with Resistance Body Oil or as desired throughout the day, apply to your throat and chest to breathe freely day and night.

An ESPA hero for travel too, add a little to pulse points in-flight to bolster the immune system and prevent any cabin nasties disrupting your trip.

However, if you do like the smell of Resistance and you’re not feeling off kilter, fear not! Use the Bath Oil, Body Oil wherever and whenever you like – as they say, prevention is better than cure.

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