Grounding - The Anointing Bath & Body Oil And The Breathing Bath Ritual.

Adjust the lighting to create a calmer mood and carefully pour The Anointing Oil under warm running water. Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for this ritual. As the air fills with the oil’s rich aromatic, sink slowly into the bath and let the fragrant water surround your body.

Taking three large, clearing breaths, inhale through your nose and allow your belly to expand. Then exhale through the mouth pulling your belly towards your spine.

Imagine with each exhalation you are releasing anything that no longer serves you. Coming back to a natural organic breath. Inhale… belly rises. Exhale… belly falls.

As your awareness of your breath is heightened, recognise any thoughts that come into your head. Acknowledge them but don’t engage with them. A popular mindfulness exercise is to allow these contemplations to come and go as if they were leaves floating along the current of a stream. This might help with the process of letting thoughts go without them taking root in your mind.

At the end of your ritual, after you rise from the water, smooth your hands over your body in long upward strokes so the oil is absorbed, sealing in precious moisture to leave your skin feeling nourished, soft and supple.
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