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Re-create the spa experience at home with our selection of beautifully formulated, natural products designed to restore your skin, body and mind.

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Ingredients Explained

Eucalyptus is known for its purifying and uplifting effect as well as relieving tired muscles. There are a number of different eucalyptus varieties and they all have subtly different aromas. Discover eucalyptus in a range of ESPA products including our Resistance Bath and Body Oils.

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Tips To Stay Positive

In today’s modern society, life is full of societal pressures. To help you feel as good as you possibly can, we have compiled a few lifestyle tips to help make you feel that little bit more positive and happy in your daily life.

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Mindful Colouring with ESPA

Allow yourself a much-needed break and relax your mind with color therapy. Simply download, print and enjoy. 


ESPA Candles

Choose from ESPA’s perfectly hand-poured blends to envelop you and your home.