Strength & Courage - The Anointing Bath & Body Oil And The Body Ritual

In a quiet, comfortable space, close your eyes and set your intention for this calming ritual. Using long firm strokes, apply The Anointing Oil to your body, taking deep breaths and slowly inhaling the soothing aromatic as your hands travel down over the skin - adding more oil to nourish and smooth as you need it. Finishing with your feet, lie down covering your body in a towel or warm blanket ready to guide yourself through this colour visualisation, a powerful exercise we can perform to improve our mental and physical wellbeing:

Let your body relax. Visualise your muscles and joints softening, your shoulders loosening.
Relax your face, eyes and forehead, your jaw and throat.
Imagine a colour, the first one that comes to mind… or a favourite one.
Imagine that colour swirling in front of your eyes, vibrant and strong.
With your breathing relaxed and deep, bring that colour into your upper body.
Feel it at the back of your eyes, clearing your head and soothing your thoughts.
Feel it travelling down your neck, into your shoulders and down your arms into your fingertips, relaxing, softening and lengthening your muscles.
Imagine it filling your abdomen…soothing, clearing.
Imagine your colour swirling through your ribs, into your lower back and hips, releasing your joints, creating more space for your energy to flow.
Feel your beautiful colour travelling over your hips into your legs… like a waterfall, cascading over your knees to the tips of your toes.
Relish the colour resonating through your whole body. Its life giving energy recognises the beauty within.
When you are ready, slowly return your awareness to your surroundings. Take a clear, fresh breath and with gratitude release your colour - taking with it anything that no longer serves you.
Modern Alchemy