Purification - The Body Cleansing Milk And The Mindful Purification Ritual

Deeply rooted in both ancient and contemporary cultures, purification ceremonies are often performed to neutralise negativity, usher in fresh energy and rejuvenate the spirit. While purification rites call on many different techniques, the use of water to cleanse the body and mind is regarded as one of the oldest of these spiritual traditions.

Closing your eyes, begin your journey by setting your intention for your ritual.
With your senses fully engaged and your attention totally focussed on what you’re doing, use your hands to gently smooth The Cleansing Milk in circular movements over dry skin, breathing slowly and deeply to inhale the nurturing aromatic.

When the water begins to flow, step under the shower. With openness and curiosity, notice the sound of the water, its temperature and the sensation as it rains down on your body.

As the water moves over your skin, notice how the cream transforms into a rich milk and observe its colour and texture as it rolls away. How does the milk feel on your skin? The precious essential oils are released and react with the steam from the shower to envelop you in the grounding aromatic. Notice the fragrance, its various layers and their effect on you.

Rather than a cloth, use your hands to wash yourself; the intimacy creates a stronger connection between your body and mind. Without judgement, move your fingertips and palms slowly over your skin giving each part of your body deserved attention and gratitude.

Thoughts will naturally cross your mind as you shower. Acknowledge them and let them come and go like clouds passing in the sky bringing your attention back to the present moment.

While the warm water washes away any impurities, let it also wash away your fears and concerns; consider it a release, a letting go both physically and metaphorically of the things that no longer serve you making your shower an enriching experience that cleanses and soothes not only your skin but your spirit too.
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