How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa: 3 Spa Bathroom Ideas

There’s something undeniably euphoric about a spa. With calming treatments, soothing facials and deep massages, they’re usually the suggested way to calm the body and mind. However, more often than not the sense of calm that envelopes the being occurs as soon as we’ve stepped foot into the door of a spa. In fact, the additional services are arguably not always necessary. From each step in the soft slippers to the invigorating scent of luxury hand-washes, there are some spa bathroom ideas that play a large part of sensorial experience and can be quite easily brought into your own home. The small changes that you can make to your bathroom can have a significant impact on your wellbeing. Transform your morning routine from a monotonous task to a luxurious regimen, upgrade your showers to a soothing experience and convert an average bathroom into a haven of peace.

Keep reading for our spa bathroom ideas that will make the world of difference to your mind, body, and home.

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How to make your bathroom smell like a spa

One of the most underrated and significant methods of calming the mind and uplifting the spirit is through scent. This is why knowing how to make your bathroom smell like a spa is a must. With at home spa products, this is a simple yet instantly effective upgrade.

To balance your mood and set the right tone for the day, ESPA’s Energizing Diffuser fills a bathroom with a blend of the uplifting oils needed to brighten the early hours of the morning. Simply insert the reeds, turn them to expose the oil and allow 48 hours for the aromatic oil to fill the room with scent. For a stronger scent, use all of the reeds and turn daily. For a more subtle scent, use fewer reeds and turn less often.

Combined with an Energizing Scented Candle, the aroma of the bathroom will instantly transport you into an invigorating oasis.

Before you brush your teeth, breathe in the air filled with the revitalizing Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Rosemary scents emitted from the at home spa products. Taking a moment to yourself to breathe can provide that grounding sense you can carry with you throughout the rest of the day, no matter what obstacles may arise.

Spa bathroom accessories

A spa bathroom idea that should not be overlooked is the addition of a candle or two. A candle is not just useful for the scent it fills the room with, it multi-functions as a calming spa bathroom accessory. The warm glow of a candle is always a preferred option to harsh overhead lighting and can add a soothing element to a bedtime routine.

The dim lighting combined with a blend of oils designed to slow busy minds and bodies can instantly cast a sense of peace over your space. ESPA’s deeply relaxing candle is infused with our unique Soothing Signature Blend, which harnesses the potency of aromatherapy oils to help restore tranquility and ease the mind using a warm, peaceful aroma that combines Myrrh’s mellow notes with comforting Sandalwood, Rose Geranium and Frankincense.

Along with the simple addition of candles, a lot can be achieved from upgrading your every-day towels to spa bathroom accessories. Made from 100% Cotton, ESPA’s towels bring a touch of spa to your home with their crisp white color and luxurious ribbed design. These deluxe towels will instantly transport you to a spa with their comfortable, smooth feel against the skin, perfect for thoroughly drying your whole body after a relaxing bath.

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Use at home spa products

Finally, treat yourself to at home spa products. From slippers and timeless silk robes that allow you to indulge in comfort to nourishing bath and body oils- at home spa products are the luxury you deserve, every day. Take the time to yourself to run a bath to relax the muscles and the mind and swirl in the ESPA Connection Bath & Body Oil to create a soothing soak. Afterwards, dry your skin with the soft, luxurious towel and step into cloud-like slippers. Just like that, you have a spa experience without stepping foot outside your door thanks to at home spa products.


Once you implement these spa bathroom ideas, you may notice a greater sense of calm as you get ready in the mornings or prepare for bed. Although a day at a spa is certainly a welcomed treat, we can often get the same relaxation in the comfort of our own homes. With the right accessories and at home spa products, you can pamper yourself in an oasis of peace every day.

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