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How-to: Create a Home Spa Ritual

After a long day, at times of high stress or simply because you want to unwind, taking time out for yourself is an important step to rebalance and re-energise both body and mind.

To do this, create an ESPA ritual in the comfort of your bathroom following our expert tips.

Set the Mood

Clear your mind with a bath. Go into your bathroom, close the door (lock it if you can), and run a deep bath. While this is running, light the Restorative Candle and start to deeply cleanse your face.

Once the bath has been drawn, add Restorative Bath Oil to the water allowing the relaxing aromas join those of the candle and fill the room.

At this stage it’s important not to add your Bath Oil until the bath is fully drawn – adding to running water will disperse the aroma and dilute the initial intensity of the aromatherapy benefits.

Facial Ritual

Taking the opportunity to enjoy the peace, while the water is running start to cleanse your face.

Massaging with your preferred cleanser in circular movements before rinsing, follow by exfoliating with the Refining Skin Polish – rinsing and patting dry.

Next, warm your preferred Face Treatment Oil between your hands and inhale the therapeutic aroma before massaging into your face.

Finish by generously adding Overnight Hydration Therapy to your face, neck and décolleté

Body Ritual

Before immersing yourself in the bath, treat your body to a Salt Scrub or skin brush to remove any dull or dead skin cells and stimulate blood flow to your skin.

Treat your Hair

To give your hair and scalp a deeply nourishing treat, on damp hair smooth Pink Hair and Scalp Mud through small sections.

Massaging into the roots, work deeply into the scalp before applying more to completely cover the hair – depending on the length, smooth up and away from your neck.

Complete Relaxation

Soak some cotton wool pads in Soothing Eye Lotion and leave them on the side of the bath.

Slip into the warm water, lay back, close your eyes and place the pads on your eye lids. Relax, inhale the beautiful aroma and soak for 20 minutes, taking the time to feel the deep benefits.

When you feel like you’ve had enough, step out of the bath and apply Restorative Body Oilwhile your skin is still damp.

Either removing or leaving both Overnight Hydration Therapy and Pink Hair and Scalp Mudon, retire to bed or consider performing a few Yin Yoga postures, a slower-paced Yoga, to stretch and release tension and ease the mind further.


For a better night’s sleep, repeat this process by replacing Restorative oils and candles for Soothing Bath OilSoothing Body Oil and the Soothing Candle.

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