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Facial Oils don’t cause Breakouts

Facial oils are often approached with dubious caution, especially by those with naturally oily or congested skin. However, this once unsung hero of the beauty world can penetrate far deeper into the layers of skin than your moisturiser, to leave it intensely nourished and hydrated – and is a must for every skincare routine.

Here to bust a few myths, we’ll explain how to get the most out of your oil so you too can reap the rewards of this hardworking, anti-ageing complexion saver.

They cause Breakouts

With a tendency to strip the face of oil in a bid to rid it of clogged pores, breakouts and shiny T-Zones, misconception would have us believe that oils make you breakout.

But truth be told, oils are in fact great at managing and preventing breakouts and skin damage.

This is because when oil is stripped from the face, sebaceous glands are encouraged to produce more oil in compensation. Resulting in imbalance, where more breakouts occur, the vicious cycle continues.

But using an oil like the Balancing Face Treatment Oil – a purifying oil containing Lemon and Rose Geranium to balance and clarify and Rose Damascena to soothe, instead encourage healthy oil production as well as an environment in which skin can heal, leaving it clear, nourished and hydrated.

Oil is Oily

Another concern is that oil will make your skin look oily or greasy, with an assumption they’re only suitable for very dry skins.

However, a good facial oil should sink into the skin quickly, without it looking for feeling oily. All our facial oils are 98 – 100% natural, and contain ingredients such as Avocado, Sweet Almond, Patchouli and Jojoba to leave you naturally balanced and radiant.

Not great for Anti-Ageing

Sometimes blinded by science, oils have a tendency to be viewed as a poor relation to creams and serums containing powerful peptides and collagen. But oils such as the Regenerating Face Treatment Oil are chemical free antioxidant powerhouses, which stimulate cell renewal, firm, tone and boost collagen production.

Helping your other Products

Oils help other products work more effectively. As different products work on different layers of your skin, using an oil in your routine will help supercharge the results and can be used in a number of ways.

Adding a few drops of your chosen ESPA oil to your face, neck and décolleté under a mask like Overnight Hydration Therapy, or Skin Rescue Balm as an overnight treat, will ensure you wake to gorgeously supple, nourished and radiantly glowing skin.

So next time you want something that will work fast, target skin problems and get the results you want, reach for facial oil!

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