Body Care Tips

The mirrors in our lives generally finish at our shoulders so it’s no surprise we tend to focus daily attention on our face. But, of course our bodies need the same care and attention.

Treating the skin on your body as you would your face, follow our guide for a radiantly soft and supple body.

Tough work

Unlike the face, which is generally fine and delicate, the skin on the body is thicker so scrubs can be a little more vigorous and intensive to smooth off rough, dry patches, polish away dullness, stimulate circulation and reveal fresh plump cells.

Preparing the skin for all the nourishing benefits of deep hydrators, treat your body to daily exfoliation and improve tone using Body Smoothing Shower Gel. Follow with Smooth and Firm Body Butter for a soft, supple, beautiful body.

Don’t miss out

When it comes to moisturising not all body parts are created equal. There are some we always remember to slather like arms and legs, yet others get forgotten – think décolletage, hips and heels.

The skin on the décolletage is delicate and ages faster than other areas, so lavish with moisture when moisturising your face to prevent fine lines.

Hips and tummy are prone to stretchmarks so improve elasticity with regular hydration – Pink Hair & Scalp Mud is ideal for this. An intensive moisturiser containing Red Clay and Apricot Kernel Oil, heels and feet will also benefit, leaving skin soft and supple.

Make a stand

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, walking or standing then look for a body moisturiser that will freshen and revive. Cooling and invigorating ingredients like mint and citrus found in our Cooling Body Moisturiser will help put the spring back in the step of tired feet and give an extra lift to heavy legs.

Essential bodywork

Soothe and ease body and mind once a week with an ESPA Body Ritual using our bath and body oils at home to keep you looking as radiant as you feel.

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