In everything we do, we hope to make life a little more beautiful. But never at the expense of the environment, which is why we follow the 3 Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Cartons and liners - Our cartons are sized to fit the product perfectly to reduce the amount of packaging. They are fully recyclable and made from cardboard which is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

Glass - Despite the extra production and shipping costs, we have stuck with glass packaging because it is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality or purity.

Caps – Our stone effect caps are completely recyclable and made using 5% PCR (Post Consumer Resin) inclusion in the plastic material.

Plastic Bottles - We use the minimum plastic possible for our bottles, and then only plastic which can be recycled and contains PCR inclusion in the material.

Tubes – Our stone effect caps are completely recyclable and made using 5% PCR (Post Consumer Resin), they can be easily removed for recycling. Our tube sleeves include 25% PCR inclusion, due to the nature of the barrier properties required to protect the integrity of the essential oils they are not currently recyclable. We are working hard on finding a solution to this.

Professional use products – when developing professional products for use in Spas and Salons we have increased the use of larger pack sizes and the ease of refilling to minimize packaging.

Shipping cartons and protective packaging – As standard we use cardboard boxes, reinforcement and paper wrap all of which are completely recyclable, in doing so have hugely reduced and restricted the use of bubble wrap and non-biodegradable chips.