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Discover New Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome

Careful research over the last few years has shown that preventing the ageing process is key, and the search for truly radiant skin is the new goal. In 2019, further unprecedented discoveries about the skin microbiome have unlocked a new potential for age-defying skincare. Investing in your future means starting with your microbiome, a top skincare trend for 2019.

As the fundamental first line of defence against the damaging effects of modern life, this microbial world is the gateway to slowing the visible ageing process and achieving healthier, rejuvenated skin for life. The science is complicated, but the plan of action is simple. Re-boot your skin microbiome: get stronger, more beautiful skin.

Introducing, the full Tri-Active Advanced ProBiome range.

New cutting edge skincare therapy to defy visible signs of ageing.

Clinically proven to nurture and support biodiversity of the skin’s microbiome*.

For visibly youthful, radiant and firm skin

As pioneers of a holistic approach to skincare therapy, ESPA once again bring a fresh perspective to cultivating youthful-looking skin, with radical new formulations to nurture and support the skin microbiome. Developed over the last 3 years with a combined focus on quality, innovation and efficacy, the range seeks to work in harmony with your skin, and not against it.

Discover Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome, which reflects the distinctive voice and deep holistic roots of the house of ESPA. 3 revolutionary probiotic products designed for those with mature skin, or skin showing the first signs of ageing. Healthy skin is the new measure of age-defying, youthful skin, but it can be difficult to achieve in the modern world of internal and external aggressors.

As the first line of defence, the microbiome is constantly exposed to attack by both internal and external factors such as UV, cortisol, blue light, diet, hormones, and so much more, the microbiome is constantly struggling to protect your skin against damage, breakouts, inflammation and premature ageing. Strengthen your microbiome and enhance the skins protection from these aggressors with the use of Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome.

ESPA is renowned for the Tri-Active™ blend of plant extracts, marine extracts, and essential oils. This new range includes a completely new formula, ProBiome Complex, with pre and probiotic technology to enhance the power of this formula. ProBiome Complex is ESPA’s newest combination of unique ingredients; Peony Extract, Microalgae and a prebiotic blend. This cutting edge microbiome technology reduces visible signs of stress and ageing and strengthens skin, preventing further damage.

Formulated by leading experts and lovingly created over the past 3 years, ESPA introduce your new skincare routine for a more biodiverse, and therefore stronger, microbiome.

Using the full Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome range both morning and evening, on a daily basis will not only provide skin that is firmer, smoother and more hydrated, but also enhance self-confidence and achieve a state of inner calm. Probiotic skincare is set to be the new revolution in skincare, designed to overcome the challenges of internal and external life stressors.


(*Independent clinical trial 2018)



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