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Thanksgiving with ESPA

Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to indulge in food and drink, but also to appreciate your family and friends. While it is a day to relax, celebrate and be thankful, it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a home cooked meal. To honour the time-consuming effort it takes to ensure an incredible day, why not treat your host or hostess to a gift to show your appreciation.

After hours of preparation, tidying and cooking, your host will be in need of some relaxation and pampering. To soothe a tired body and calm a worn out mind, our Time for Calm and Time for Sleep gifts are a perfect solution.

Time for Calm includes our beloved Restorative Bath and Body oils, and a limited edition Restorative Balm. A gift that is perfectly designed to help find inner calm. Our Restorative Oil is affectionately nicknamed “hug in a bottle” because of the deeply comforting aromas of Palmarose and Rose Geranium, combined with Sweet Orange and the calming qualities of Lavender essential oils. 

Time for Sleep will be a much-needed luxury after a busy day. Containing our Soothing Bath and Soothing Body oils, and a limited edition Soothing Sleep Balm, this beautiful gift will envelop your mind with beautiful aromas, carefully created to actively de-stress your body and calm your mind, ready for when your head sinks into your pillow. Divinely calming Frankincense and Myrrh are at the heart of our Soothing blend. 

Another ideal gift when you are welcomed into a loved one’s home, is a candle. Candles create soothing and relaxing aromas, surrounding guests with an aura of relaxing ambiance. Our  Restorative Candle is a perfect little treat to create a memorable aroma. Hand-poured and infused with pure essential oils, Palmarosa and Sweet Orange, and the additional calming effects of Lavender will envelop the home in luxurious fragrance.

Your host is guaranteed to love your token of appreciation, as it truly shows love and care for their overall wellbeing.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thank you for reading.

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