NEW products in the Tri-Active™ Resilience Pro-Biome range

The ESPA Tri-Active ™ Resilience ProBiome range respects, nurtures and supports the skins delicate microbiome, it’s first line of defence against the onslaught of environmental aggressors, while effectively keeping skin hydrated which maintains effective barrier function. 

This range provides your skin with ingredients that are full of natural antioxidant properties, helping to support your skins natural defences against environmental aggressors and oxidative stress. 

Signs you should be using the Resilience range: 

  • Dehydrated, tight, uncomfortable skin 
  • Redness 
  • Dull and tired looking skin 
  • Imperfections, visible pores 
  • Unbalanced, reactive and stressed skin 
  • Uneven skin tone and texture ESPA Skincare tri-active resilience probiome range

Tri-Active ™ Resilience Rest & Recovery Night Balm

Tri-Active ™ Resilience Rest and Recovery Night Balm Replenishes and fortifies skin whilst you sleep, reducing visible signs of stress on the skin for a rested and rejuvenated appearance. ESPA Skincare Tri-Active ™ Resilience Rest & Recovery Night Balm

Tackling the visible effects of modern lifestyles and environmental aggressors, Tri-Active ™ Resilience Rest & Recovery Night Balm is specifically designed to support skin’s own natural processes by optimising night-time recovery for strong and resilient skin.  

While you rest cocooned in the balm’s relaxing aroma, this creamy, comforting formula is hard at work to help replenish and fortify the skin with a powerful blend of antioxidant-rich Willow herb, smoothing Marine Bamboo, calming Patchouli infused with Phytocannabinoids, and the protective powers of Buriti Oil; all potent ingredients that collectively help maximise every minute of your beauty sleep so when you wake dull, tired complexions look refreshed, more luminous and healthy.   

How it works: 

During the day our skin is constantly challenged by the onslaught of daily environmental aggressors, which combined with hectic modern lifestyles and lack of sleep, can all have detrimental effect on the appearance and resilience of our skin.  

Our internal clocks control not only our moods, energy levels and hormones, but our skin health too. At night time our skin is most active at repairing and also preparing for the day ahead.  These processes are controlled by circadian rhythms, ensuring these processes occur at the right time. External pressures such as stress & lack of sleep can throw this schedule off, and the result can be skin that looks fatigued and feels less resilient. Tri-Active Resilience Rest & Recovery Night Balm has been designed to complement the skins natural night time function and ensures that on waking skin feels renewed and looks replenished. 

Helping to reduce the visible signs of stress in the skin, these nourishing lipid-rich plant oils, rebalancing botanicals and moisturising marine actives aid optimum rest and recovery so skin looks rejuvenated and feels fortified, more resilient and ready for the day ahead.  

By supporting and optimising skins own night time rest and recovery processes combined with a calming and relaxing essential oil blend of Neroli, Lavender and May Changthis balm is the ultimate in overnight skincare therapies. 

Key Benefits 

  • Leaves skin with a well-rested inner glow  
  • Helps skin feel protected from daily environmental stressors  
  • Reduces the impact hectic modern lifestyle and lack of sleep have on skin  
  • Complexion is improved and looks less dull and stressed 

Key Ingredients  

  • Marine bamboo is a brown seaweed which grows upwards to 3m long, resembling bamboo forests on the land. This ingredient is enriched with antioxidants such as beta carotene to protect the skin from daily aggressors such as pollution. It helps combat the visible impact of hectic modern lifestyles, such as dry, rough skin and premature ageing. 
  • People of the Amazon adore the Buriti fruit which grows off the tree they call ‘the tree of life’. They love it because of its diverse benefits to the body. Native to Amazon Rainforest in South America, Buriti oil is incredibly rich in natural betacarotene. The vitamin E that’s also found in Buriti oil is great for the protection against any environmental stressors. This helps to shield you from the factors we face in everyday life, locking in moisture and keeping your skin looking healthy and protected. 
  • Cultivated for over 3000 years and traditionally given at Chinese New Year as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, mandarin fruit produce a fresh, sweet, citrusy essential oil, rich in antioxidants and also associated with uplifting, rebalancing and comforting benefits. 

Consumer Testing  

 4–week User Trial of 120 panellists.  

  • During and On Application – 84% of people said that this product left their skin feeling instantly nourished.  
  • After 2 weeks – 86% of people said that after waking this product left their dull and tired skin looking visibly replenished.  
  • After 4 weeks – 89% of people said that this product left their skin feeling nourished and supple.  
  • “Skin was visibly more radiant and rejuvenated” 

How to use  

  • To gently melt the balm, glide your fingertips over the surface in circular motions to warm and soften the nourishing lipid rich oils. 
  • Smooth a thin layer over cleansed and toned skin, covering face, neck and decollate area.   
  • Gently pat into the skin, then complete the application by cupping your hand over the nose and mouth, whilst taking 3 deep clearing breathes allowing the calming and soothing aroma to work its relaxing magic, preparing you for a restful night’s sleep.  
  • Can be layered over Tri-Active ™ Resilience ProBiome Serum or Tri-Active ™ Regenerating BioRetinol Sleeping Serum 
  • Can also be used as an intensive nourishing balm for areas of dry skin on the body, cuticles and nails.


Tri-Active Resilience Detox & Purify Cleanser 

Tri-Active™ Resilience Detox & Purify Cleanser has been carefully formulated to effectively melt away daily impurities, grime and pollution whilst respecting the skins delicate microbiota balance and nourishing its natural lipid layer.  

Instantly revitalising the appearance of tired, dull skin this dual-phase cleanser melts into a lipid-rich oil to effortlessly lift away impurities, pollution and daily grime whilst nurturing the skin’s microbiome, it’s first line of defence against the onslaught of environmental aggressors. A Biome Balancing Marine Complex respects the skins natural delicate harmony while microminerals from Cornish Clay deeply purify, Resurrection Leaf hydrates and Orpin Rose energises, skin feels resilient and strong, glowing with vitality.  

This Age Defying Cleanser is the perfect first step in the Resilience skincare routine.  It builds on the success of the innovative ProBiome products enhancing their efficacy through effective preparation of the skin to receive treatment serums and moisturisers. 

Created to provide the foundation for healthy, age defying skin through effective cleansing this leaves skin feeling instantly strengthened and more resilient. 

Tackling current consumer concerns and trends in anti-pollution skincare with its detoxifying and purifying action.  

Instantly revitalising the appearance of tired, dull skin, Tri-Active Resilience Detox & Purify Cleanser effortlessly lifts away impurities, pollution and daily grime while at the same time nurturing and supporting skin’s microbiome -the vital first line of defence against the onslaught of environmental aggressors.  

Created using our Biome Balancing Marine Complex and specifically designed to respect the delicate harmony of crucial microbiota, rather than having a stripping or drying effect, this comforting cream formula is dual-phase, melting into a lipid-rich oil that combines deep cleansing microminerals from Cornish Clay with Moringa and Avocado oils so skin feels not only detoxified and perfectly clean but hydrated, soft and nourished with the appearance of pores refined. 

It is essential to gently cleanse without compromising the microbiome balance. Respecting the natural pH of the skin also helps to maintain a healthy, balanced microbiome. 

Key Benefits 

  • Skin feels instantly cleansed and purified  
  • Effortlessly removes daily impurities, make up and grime  
  • Appearance of pores is reduced and refined 

Key Ingredients 

  • Kaolin is a naturally occurring soft clay, with a mineral and micromineral content that varies depending on source. This formulation contains a white Cornish clay that helps to cleanse and exfoliate dead skin cells and debris from the surface, leaving the skin feeling purified and soft.  
  • Shea Butter: An emollient butter sourced from African Shea Nuts. This nourishing butter contains oleic and linoleic acid – A building block for ceramides known to fortify and protect the skin barrier providing moisture and hydration to skin. 
  • Mandarin: Cultivated for over 3000 years and traditionally given at Chinese New Year as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, mandarin fruit produce a fresh, sweet, citrusy essential oil, rich in antioxidants and also associated with uplifting, rebalancing and comforting benefits. 
  • Neroli: Produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree, this soft and light citrusy- floral essential oil is associated with uplifting, purifying properties and used in aromatherapy for its relaxing, destressing, soothing and calming characteristics 

Consumer Testing  

2 week User Trial of 120 panellists.  

  • Instant Results – 97% of people agree that instantly after use this product left their skin feeling instantly cleansed and purified.  
  • After 2 weeks – 97% of people agree that after 2 weeks of use this cleanser left their skin feeling silky soft. 
  • “… melts away all traces of makeup. This is the best cleanser I have ever used.” 

How to use  

  • Use morning and evening  
  • Warm between finger tips then smooth over the skin, massaging in small, circular movements as the cream melts into a lipid rich oil, paying particular attention to areas of congestion such as the T-zone.   
  • Moisten fingertips and continue to gently massage before removing with a damp cloth. 

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