Tri-Active ™ Regenerating Routine

Skin ageing is no secret.

Written by Nicole Jales, UK and International Training Manager for ESPA:

Nurturing and supporting our skin is the key to a visibly youthful and radiant complexion. The New & Improved Tri-Active™ Regenerating range has been launched and it is the perfect skincare range for anyone who is concerned with early signs of ageing. You may feel that your skin has got to that stage in your life where you find it needs a little more of a boost than your usual skincare products are giving. The products in this range have been reformulated to be even more powerful than ever before, to give hydration, reduce fine lines, smooth skin tone and to promote a supple, youthful looking skin.

The addition of two brand new products also maximises the age-defying benefits that this range delivers.

Skin Concerns

If you are experiencing fine lines, dryness, loss of vitality, I would recommend starting to incorporate the Tri-Active™ Regenerating products into your routine at home.

As you age you can start to notice tell tale signs in your skin; your skin can become dryer because of the decrease of a key chemical, Hyaluronic Acid; you may experience loss of elasticity and bounce back as the elastin and collagen fibres deteriorate; skin can become thinner, which means blood vessels become more visible and pores can appear larger.

We know these signs happen; we can’t stop them from happening, but we can approach the ageing process with more of an age defying mindset and treat our skin with the respect it deserves.

After all it is there to protect us throughout our whole life. By taking care of our skin, nurturing and supporting it we can enhance our complexion while still allowing our skin to age naturally; giving us the confidence to appreciate our beautiful skin at any age.


There’s no better time to boost skins vitality than when you sleep. While you sleep your skin regenerates and repairs itself, the skin replaces dead and damaged skin cells with new ones and this is when skincare products are most effectively absorbed; with this in mind, it is important to apply effective products before bed.

The Tri-Active™ Regenerating Bio-Retinol Sleeping Serum is your go to product. You could describe this serum as an elixir of life for your skin. It contains a trio of Bio-Retinols which will leave your skin feeling smoothed, revitalised and looking visibly brighter night after night. Applying a couple of drops to the face, neck and décolleté daily during your night time routine will supercharge the results of the Tri-Active™ Regenerating range and you’ll wake up with skin that looks well rested, recharged and youthful.


After caring for my own and my client’s skin during my career in the skincare industry over the past 15 years I can advise that my favourite and most vital step in your skincare routine to help keep skin looking youthful is to make sure to exfoliate once or twice weekly, depending on your skin type. As you age cell regeneration slows down; by exfoliating you are encouraging cell regeneration and helping to remove dead skin cells. This will allow product absorption to be much more effective.

Caring for your skin with an effective home care routine is the cornerstone to youthful & radiant looking skin.

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Thank you for reading.

Writer and expert