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Advent with ESPA

For most, “Advent” refers to the countdown to Christmas, opening chocolate calendars or the recent trend of beauty advent calendars, receiving a small gift everyday. But what is the true meaning of advent? “Advent” is Latin for “adventus”, meaning “coming”. By the sixth century, Roman Christians had tied it to the coming of Christ as judge of all. Nowadays, “advent” refers to the last four Sundays leading up to Christmas when the new Christian year begins with the twelve-day celebration of Christmastide, lasting from Christmas Eve until Epiphany on January 6.

People initially would mark their doors with chalk as a method of counting down, but the first recognisable advent calendar was first used by German Lutherans in the 19th and 20th centuries. A woman made her son a calendar comprised of sweets stuck onto cardboard. This little boy grew up to open a printing office and create advent calendars with designs printed onto them for children so they could share the same joy as he did. Demand swiftly increased and now thousands of variations have been created over the years.

Here at ESPA, we wanted to bring joy to people again using our special 2018 calendar, which is why it is named the Comfort & Joy Advent Calendar. Filled with 25 joyous gifts to comfort your mind, body and soul and allow you to reflect and stay mindful throughout the month of December. Keep the spirit of Christmas alive and make lasting memories with our holistic fragrances designed to evoke nostalgia. If history is correct, advent calendars should start on the Sunday nearest to St Andrew’s Day, meaning it could fall in November – a comforting thought to anyone tempted to open their calendar early.

All of our products are natural and holistic, meaning they are designed to cater to the mind, body and soul. With that in mind, our calendar is designed to include deluxe products for the face, body, hair and home, to ensure that every part of your life is taken care of.

The ESPA Advent Calendar costs $220 , don’t miss out.

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